Evening Yacht Cruise and Dinner in Singapore





An Evening Yacht Trip Topped Off with Dinner

Are you planning a date night with your better half and can’t seem to find the ideal venue, location, and activities that you two can engage in? While you may think that you have seen and done all there is to do in Singapore, you will be pleased to know that in this case, you are wrong.

A fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion with friends, family, or your love interest is to take them out on an evening yacht cruise. An evening yacht cruise will give you an awesome view of the Singapore skyline and the surroundings against the glimmering stars. Even better, you can choose whether you want to have dinner, drinks, live music, catering, or all in one package.

You can conveniently book an evening yacht cruise with various add-on services, depending on your needs. We represent multiple successful charters in Singapore and work with businesses in the catering, hospitality, and other sectors to ensure your experience becomes a lifetime memory. Here is how you can get started with an evening cruise.

Find a Charter

With so many charters readily available in Singapore, it can become overwhelming when you want to find the best yacht that fits your budget and your needs. For any special occasion or just for the passion of yachting, you can get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the ideal charter for your evening cruise.

Choose the Type of Cruise

Cruise to one of the southern islands and watch the beautiful sun sink in the ocean while it spreads light on the calm waters. If you plan to head to the southern islands, you can always cruise to Lazarus Island where the calm waters serve as an excellent destination for classy dining under the moon. You may then cruise to the Marina Bay Financial District to watch some amazing fireworks and night lights against the landmark Singapore skyline.

Top it all up with a cruise around Sentosa and Songs of the Sea for some beautiful fireworks and fountain display before heading back to the bay and calling it a night. Remember that you can completely personalize how you want to spend your evening and night in the ocean, so improvise!

Choose Add-On Services

Add-on services makes your evening cruise more luxurious and entertaining than you can imagine. You can choose from a large number of caterers, luxury transfers to the docks, photography services, and live music bands or DJs. You may even hire a host for the cruise for some comical entertainment or for complete onboard management.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices? Don’t worry we’re here to help you with unbiased recommendations that can surely make your evening cruise worth remembering.