The Singapore Grand Prix held yearly, was the first night race of Formula One. The event usually hosted in the month of September at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, a 5 km long circuit is one of the highlights this island-country has to offer.

The Marina Bay, which usually restricts access to private owned vessels, would be opened to yacht owners during this 4 day event. It would be a rare opportunity for yacht owners to have a feel of having their own private yacht in the city, with Singapore’s financial skyscrapers as their backdrop.


MarineBookings has various yachts that would be participating in this event annually. Whether for corporate events, family gathering or just plain fun and to participate in this huge event, we have the right yacht for you. Attending the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix from your own private yacht in the usually restricted Marina Bay would be a very unique experience.


You may be able to see a portion of the race and the big screen from the bay. Take part in the party and event from the comfort of your own yacht.
Your guest and you would be able to board the yacht docked directly in front of the Marina Bay Sands. The yacht will then cruise around the Marina Bay and possibly up the iconic Singapore River that was the old port of Singapore, the lifeblood of the island where the island-country we now known as Singapore started to prosper.

Make sure you do not miss this event and experience of lifetime.

Book your yacht early to avoid disappointment.

Image Credits: Singapore Grand Prix