How to Host A Dance Party On A Yacht

Hosting a Dance Party Out at Sea

Are you running out of ideas for places for your sweet sixteen, any other birthday bash, anniversary, or some other good reason to celebrate? Chances are that you don’t want to go with the typical clubbing scene for this occasion, but don’t want to throw a house party either. If that is the case, then have you considered hosting an awesome dance party at sea?

A dance party on a yacht is always a great idea as the calm waters of Singapore and the fun activities that you can engage in will make it worth the while. Hosting one however, is a bit of a challenge. It is not difficult, but it does require you to make the arrangements in-time to have an enjoyable experience once the party gets started. Here are some essentials for hosting a dance party on a charter!

The Time

Depending on what type of dance party you want to throw, you will be booking a charter cruise accordingly. If you want to throw a party where you get to enjoy music and drinks on the charter and anchor by one of the beaches in the Southern Islands to dance, then an afternoon or evening cruise will be best for you. If you want to stay on the boat, watch the fireworks and the beautiful skyline while dancing under the stars, then a night cruise will be best for your needs.

Type of Party

The type of guests you will have for your party will help you decide the type of drinks, music, and food you will need. For example, if you are hosting a romantic getaway with slow dances, then wine and champagne, blues and jazz music, and light seafood will compliment the theme for a day cruise. If you want to throw a young n’ wild type of dance party, then variety in alcohol, an onboard DJ, and light snacks will definitely keep you pumped up for the celebrations at a night cruise.

The Services

Once you have a general idea of the kind of dance party that you want to throw, you must categorize the things you need:

  • Important – Important services will include catering for drinks and food, perhaps a mini bar on-deck, live music or DJ, and of course, photography, because you want to capture these precious moments. Without these, you can’t really host a proper dance party,
  • Others – Other services will include any services or activities you want to engage in on your cruise. These could include banana boating, kayaking, Jet Skiing, swimming, charter décor, concierge, and more.


A dance party on a yacht can be extremely fun, but if you want to get all the arrangements, from booking a charter to arranging food, done with convenience, you can always get in touch with M-Barq to help you out!