The MarineBookings  Guarantee

We are so confident and sure that you will definitely enjoy your yacht charter experience when you take our advice and book it with us. We will now offer you a free charter of similar value and up to full money back guarantee should we not live up to our reputation (What we say, claim and do!) and as the best people in town to book your yacht trips with.

Of Course,

We acknowledge that not all yacht and yacht operators are different and cannot provide that same great level of overall experience. We understand that you have paid good money and want that perfect moment for any occasion that you would love have. We are happy to put what we say and recommend in writing, so that you can be fully rest assured that you will get that experience worth what you paid for.


This guarantee has to be applicable only if you heed our full advice. Should we make any false claim or representation in any way of what we will be providing, we are happy to provide you with up to a free yacht charter experience of similar value and up to a full refund if not a single one of you aboard our charters enjoyed the experience. If after your charter you feel so, please email us at . We will immediately investigate the matter and respond to you appropriately as soon as possible