Reasons to Choose Us for Your Next Yacht Trip



Reasons to Choose Us for Your Next Yacht Trip

A yacht trip in the calm waters of our Lion City is certainly on the wish list of many people in the country and those who visit from different parts of the world. While there are a number of yacht charter companies operating in the region, only a few of them can offer a hassle free experience. After all, chartering a yacht is a big decision, especially when it comes to special occasions.

This is where Marine Bookings excels as the Premier Yacht Charter Company when it comes to renting a yacht in and around the area. With the largest team of charter executives and support team, we ensure that your yacht trip becomes one to remember for years to come. If that’s not good enough for you, here are reasons why you should choose us for your next cruise!

All Types of Bookings

Marine Bookings welcomes yacht experiences for all types of purposes, whether it’s a corporate event, an exclusive party, a small get-together, or even weddings. Depending on the nature of your trip, we have more than 36 exclusive yachts that will exceed your expectations. All you need to do now is calculate the number of people who are attending the event and get in touch with our charter consultants to place a booking that is hassle free.

Complete Management & Support

The last thing you want on a yacht trip is poor management that leads to an unpleasant trip. At M-Barq, we frown upon such practices, which is why we handle everything you need for a charter. We can advise you on which yacht will be best for the occasion, the number of hours, the type of activities, and the cuisines to be served. Most of our success is down to our industry leading management and support, before and during the trip, that makes the experience worthwhile.

Impressive Range of Cruises

With M-Barq, you not only get an exclusive opportunity to explore Singapore, but you also get to explore neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and as far as Thailand. These overseas cruises to all these destinations where you can explore the marine life of the tropics, go diving and snorkeling, and hunt some fresh fish among other activities. If you are confused, our charter consultants will be more than delighted to help you to decide and create an experience that becomes a long-lasting memory.

Get Better Deals

We guarantee that we will offer the same price or a better one as compared to when you book directly with yacht operators. We make sure that we add value to your yacht trip by negotiating on your behalf without any additional costs. On top of that, we can work with an event management company for large events.