We are lucky being in Singapore for many reasons, especially one. That is, Singapore is home to many charter yachts comparing the size of our population to the number of yachts.
Marine Bookings has long been known for offering the cheapest yachts for charter in Singapore (that is in terms of lowest cost for value, of course). Three years from then, we are still offering the cheapest yachts for charter in Singapore.

The less know fact about us, is that we also have the most expensive yachts for charter in Singapore available. We would love to let all of you know these information. However, we definitely do not wish to get into trouble by putting this online. If you would love to know, and you should before booking a yacht for charter in Singapore. Make sure you contact us to find out.

Don’t worry, we are friendly and more than happy as always to assist, just so you get the best out of the experience.