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Yacht Wedding on Ping Lady Yacht

There are a couple of wedding venues you can consider – commonly, in a hotel, at home, in a garden or simply at your home! But if you had ever wanted something different for your once in a lifetime event, you might want to consider having it on a yacht! You can easily create your own unique wedding ceremony/ solemnisation event on a yacht in luxury, style and elegance with Marine Bookings or simply select our specially crafted wedding packages.

Having your wedding on a yacht is definitely exclusive and it will be for a long time – simply because not many have even considered this. A yacht wedding is only suitable for those who want to be special and want to have the unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Only if this is you, then have your wedding on a yacht.

There are a couple of reasons to having your wedding ceremony/solemnisation on a yacht:

Exclusiveness – A yacht wedding is exclusive because there are a couple of misconceptions associated with it that many will not even consider it. Either because they think it is too expensive and they cannot afford it, a yacht is too small to accommodate all their guests or there are no beautiful backdrop within Singapore’s waters, and so on…


At Marine Bookings our wedding packages starts from $6288 for cruising charters of less than 20 guests. We have yacht (or mini-cruises) that takes up to 150 guests. There are 48 natural islands within Singapore’s waters some with sandy beaches for great photo sessions. You can have Marina Bay skyline as your backdrop for your perfect wedding. You may consider viewing fireworks display at songs of the sea, Sentosa for the evening. If this is not great enough, we can take you out to the islands with frequent dolphin sighting for your perfect wedding. Contact us to find out more…

Luxury – A yacht is definitely a symbol of luxury because not everybody can afford it. The sheer beauty of a pure white vessel floating on sparkling blue waters is the perfect venue for a wedding. Have your wedding ceremony/solemnisation on a yacht and your guest will certainly be impressed. A yacht is definitely expensive to own but not necessarily expensive to charter in Singapore, especially if it was for your wedding compared to your other options.

Symbolism – Marriage is the beginning of a lifelong journey together. Every couple wants to have a smooth sailing, blissful lives after marriage. Heard of the Chinese saying of ‘being on the same vessel, going think and thin together’? Being on the same yacht certainly relates to that. How else to have a wedding ceremony that symbolizes smooth sailing relationship other than on a yacht?


Yacht Solemnization Nautical Theme Set-Up

We at MarineBookings are perfectionist and we specialise in carrying out events on a yacht! Our knowledge and attention to detail makes us unrivaled in our field. Our close partnership with yacht owners allowed us to provide the most competitive quote for the perfect wedding on a yacht in Singapore. Let us know more about your dream wedding ceremony/ solemnisation event and we will do it for you.

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