Why Book a Charter with Us for Corporate Events?



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The dynamics of business may have changed, but the tradition of corporate hospitality remains alive. If anything, the tradition has grown into somewhat an unofficial policy in many modern day businesses. After all, the goal is to impress the most important people of an organization.

Corporate event planners know that the high profile people involved in or with the business deserve a classy venue, location, and services for important meetings. One of the more popular ways to impress business investors, board members, and high profile clients is thus, to hold meetings while you’re at sea.

The calm waters of Singapore with the dancing waves and salty air against the backdrop of the skyline is certainly a great setting to break the ice, make important decisions, or hold your annual corporate event. If you are looking for a charter, we can help you choose from the best yachts, caterers, and event planners in the business. Here is how you can get started!


Yachts come in all sizes with varying features and facilities. If you are planning to provide offshore staff training or want to deliver a business presentation to your superiors, then a standard yacht should accommodate 10 to 15 people. If you run a small business, then a slightly bigger yacht will entertain from 20 to 30 guests.

If you are planning a product launch or have a larger number of attendees, then you should get in touch with us and we’ll help you find a yacht for your event. We represent a large number of yacht owners in Singapore and can help you get a charter that can accommodate from 10 guests to more than 45 guests.


The purpose of the event will definitely have an impact on the type of charter, activities, and duration of the trip. For example, if you run a small business and are taking your team out for a company event, a standard to medium yacht will be perfect where you can have dine, wine, fish, or participate in water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and so on.

On the other hand, if you are organizing staff training, a business presentation, or client meet up, then you can board within 30 minutes from the coast to get started with surreal views of the surroundings. You can even leave your team stranded at one of the offshore islands as a great team building exercise!

For Board of Directors, investors, or high profile client meetings, you will need to make sure that you get an upscale yacht with the finest arrangements and complimentary services available. To sum it up, depending on the purpose of the event, your needs for charters will vary and we will be with you through the entire process.

If you want to make sure your corporate event or meeting goes smoothly, then you are the right place. M-Barq can help you in booking the perfect yacht for your event along with dining, decoration, music, and water activities. Call us today to convey your plan or if you are looking for some ideas that will impress your peers and superiors.